21st Century Summer Program

21st Century Summer Enrichment Program


21st Century Enrichment Camp is exploding with fun for all!!!!  Our weeks are packed full of events that have proved to be loaded with fun.  Beginning with Hawaiian “Hullabaloo Week” we participated with leis, grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts donated by the Care Closet.  Our next week was “Everything Beachy” with water safety speakers, making sand creatures with fruit, and enjoying water fun and a picnic.  Followed by our “Stars and Stripes” tribute with guest visitor Ann Comforter providing a workshop to teach student patriotic songs.  The remainder of the summer camp will be filed with our last week entitled Girl Power-for girls/Gettin’Dirty-for boys.

We will participate with Karaoke groups, Manicures, Pedicures, yoga, and spotlight a female in current society and throughout history for girls, and boys will make Oreo dirt cups, play tug of war in mud, do some gardening, and help the custodial staff clean the school grounds.  In closing we need to thank our wonderful staff, Simona Williams-teacher, Joni White-Site Leader, Elizabeth Davis-Aide, and Paulette Best-Bus driver for organizing a spectacular summer for us!!

Wewahitchka 21st Century Summer Program has been really busy learning  and researching animals.  The title of our Summer Program was “Animals Big and Small”.  Children participated in various activities that enhanced and enriched their knowledge about animals.  Our research raised many questions and allowed the students to learn and retain many facts and details concerning this subject.

We went to Tallahassee IMAX theater, Zoo World, Frank Brown Aquatic Park, Tallahassee Nature Park, and the Marine Specimen Lab in Panacea, Florida.  We would like to thank the teachers and staff for their hard work and organization to make this happen.  Lisa Stripling, Lynn Stockton, Victoria Gerber, and Caroline Raine, and Julie Hedburg.

Rest assured a great time was had by all and the students experienced a lot of things they would never have the opportunity to do.

Program Information:

  • Monday thru  Thursday each week

               8:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

  • Field Trip Days will be announced at a later time
  • Due to the field trip  days,  we will alter our schedule on those weeks. More information TBA
  • Due to July 4th Holiday- we will not have the program July 4th
  • No snacks provided-each child is encouraged to bring their own snack for each day
  • Bus pickup and car pickup will be by the 4th and 5th grade  gate behind the lunchroom.

Pickup will begin at 11:45.

21st Century phone at (850) 227-8876.
PSJES Front Office at (850) 227-1221.


8:00 – 8:30  Dolphin Lab PBL

8:30 – 9:30  (lesson)

9:30 – 10:00  Break/Recreation

10:00 – 11:30  PBL (activity)

11:30 – 1145  Clean up and Dismissal


  • Mrs. Jo Clements, Program Coordinator
  • Mrs. Joni White, Site Leader
  • Ms. Simona Williams, Teacher
  • Ms. Elizabeth Davis, Aide
  • Ms. Paulette Best, Bus Driver

Summer Curriculum:


  • Do some team-building with a facilitator (Simona Williams) and highlight attributes of a good leader
  • Hold classroom discussions. Questions like,”What makes a good leader?” or “How can someone who is not popular be a leader at school?” etc.
  • Take a hike and have the students all take turns leading the hike; allow them to take the path they want. The leader will wear a waist tag
  • Have students create skits that highlight leadership qualities
  • Role play different scenarios,then discuss what everyone thinks a leader should do in that situation
  • Students will choose a career (nurse,doctor, teacher,hair stylist,sports,food service,etc.)
  • wear the appropriate smock;research the career and present findings to the class
  • Have a BBQ with good ole’American food (hamburgers,hot dogs,chips,drink) Students will wear & display red,white & blue


  • Leis,grass skirts & Hawaiian shirts (Care Closet)
  • Download Limbo Rock to be used with the inflatablelimbo game
  • Use bulletin board paper to create surfboard shapes-decorate surfboard
  • Make seashell necklaces and bracelets
  • Hawaiian word-of-the-day
  • Hawaiian dance instructor?

Week  3,June – ALL BALL

  • Play all the traditional ball sports (basketball, football, volleyball, softball tennis,golf,etc.)
  • former  high school & professional ball players in each ball sport will assist
  • Lead a juggling demons tration Make popcorn balls Masquerade Ball


  • Weather Safety- Hydration,clothing, sunscreen,other protective gear
  • Water safety- Warning flags,the colors & their meanings
  • Make water & sand creatures (fis t.octopus,jelly fish,crab,turtles,lobster,etc.) Students willcreate a beach scene on the playground & enjoy a beach picnic’

Week 5, July – STARS & STRIPES

  • Staff will brief students on the Declaration of Independence/USA History
  • Students will hold an election for camp president of the week
  • Mrs. Ann Comforter will conduct o workshop to teach students patriotic songs
  • Have a BBQ with good ole’ American food (hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, drink)
  • Students will wear & display red, white & blue



      • Make a dish in the crackpot
      • Form Karaoke groups
      • Manicures, pedicures,yoga, make-up,facial masks, photo booth
      • Each day spotlight a strong female that everyone would know throughout history and in today’s society; research & present


      • Make Oreo Dirt Cups In clay pots
      • Hold a tug-of-war over a mud pit (dirt & water)
      • Do some gardening {plant flo wers in huge planter to beautify Gulf Academy
      • Wear neon vests & help Mr.Ray around the schoolgrounds

Some activities may require parent permission

Thank you for letting us be a part of your summer!